Sade-Sati Consideration

A horoscope is said to be under 'Sade-Sati' effect when the Saturn transits through the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from Natal Moon. It is said to be under 'Dhaiya' effect when Saturn transits over the 4th or 8th house over the Natal Moon. The effect of Sade-Sati remains for seven & a half year and that of Dhaiya remains for two and a half year. This generally affects health, mental peace & finance.

Generally Sade-Sati comes thrice in a horoscope in the life time - first in childhood, second in youth & third in old-age. First Sade-Sati has effect on education & parents. Second Sade-Sati has effect on profession, finance & family. The last one affects health more than anything else. Following tables give the periods of Sade-Sati and their effects.

Result of Saturn's Sadesati
Dhaiya over Eighth House: Good Earning
Sadesati's First Dhaiya: Fair Power
Sadesati's Second Dhaiya: Good Comforts
Sadesati's Third Dhaiya: Bad Kids problems
Dhaiya over Fourth House: Good Marital bliss

People of following Rashi will be under the influence of Saturn's Sadesati / Dhayya from 26th. May 2005
Aries,Gemini, Cancer,Leo & Sagetarrous

Remedies of Sade-Sati

Ill effect of Saturn's sade-sati can be reduced by giving alms, performing pooja, fasting or reciting mantra.Giving alms of black cloth, Urad pulse (horse-bean), black mole, leather shoes, cereals or iron as per your capacity. Perform pooja of Lord Saturn on Saturdays. Keep fast on Saturdays. Restrict your food to Urad pulse, grams, gram flour, blackmole, black salt and fruits. Recite or get it recited by a brahmin saturns mantra for 19000 times on a Saturday.To get benefic effects of sade-sati on health, mental peace, family happiness, finance and profession you are suggested for Maha-mrityunjaya Japa. Get the   mantra enchanted for 125000 times.

You are also suggested to wear Blue sapphire weighing 5-1/4 Ratti or more set in gold or Panchdhatu (Gold+Silver+Copper+Iron+Zinc). The stone should be studded in the ring such that it touches your finger from bottom. Alternatively you should wear an iron ring made of horse-shoe or nail made from a boat. Wear it in middle finger of Right hand. Wear this stone in waxing moon on Saturday in the evening half an hour before sun set. Pushya, Anuradha or Uttara Bhadrapad nakshatra on that day is preferred. Keep fast on Saturday. Before wearing the ring, clean it in fresh milk and Ganga water, light incense stick, perform pooja and recite mantra 108 times. After wearing the ring give alms. This will reduce the ill effects of Saturn giving peace and prosperity.

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